Folco Romanelli


Descended from renowned artists on both sides, a dynasty of Romanelli sculptors on the paternal side and on the maternal side his grandparents John and Isabel Morton-Sale, both painters and well known book illustrators from the great English tradition of book illustrating. Roysia, his mother, herself painter and music composer met his father, Raffaello Romanelli at Oxford University and they were married in England. Folco was born on 6th Jan 1952 before his family returned to Italy to take over the Romanelli studio.
If it is true that DNArt exists and determines talents, there is in Folco a new fire, something profoundly his own to add to the inherited ability. There is a visual sensitivity and a deep emotion that he sublimates and expresses through bronze, marble and clay. There is a genetic inheritance that is evident in the love for culture and taste for art. Folco is an observer of nature. Amongst animals the horse is his favourite. In fact his very first commission was for a rampant horse in bronze, nearly life size.
Having made his name in Italy he then had exhibitions in Milan, in Paris, London, Africa and the USA. His works are in private collections and in public places, such as the "girl on a swing" in front of the theatre in st Louis in USA: the bust of Ivor Novello in the Ivor Novello theatre in the strand London, the "Apollo" in the collection of the late HRH Princess Margaret in London, "The Thinker" in Cephalonia, "Laura" in the gardens of Chateau La Faie in France. Folco has been commissioned to make portraits of personalities of different nationalities, amongst which a full figure portrait of Prince Otunba Balogun, in both marble and bronze placed in front of his palace in Nigeria.
Folco has now expanded his studio to Aracaju in Brazil so now he also works and creates there. He has found inspiration in such a different culture. He divides his time between the studio in Italy and the studio in Aracaju. He says " I have always wanted to capture an expression, capture emotions, feelings, searching for the highest levels of positivity and spirituality. I look to capture the beauty and noble aspects of a person whom i portray

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